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These Car Accident Statistics Will Startle You!

As personal injury lawyers in Cheshire, we know first-hand that cars should be seen as powerful weapons because when car accidents happen the results can be devastating. The Oxford English Dictionary defines an accident as, ‘an event that happens by chance, or that is without apparent or deliberate cause,’ which indicates that it is usually […]

What should I do if I have a car accident?

In the UK, there were 194,477 people injured on our roads in 2014. Driving a car, or even being a passenger in one is not without risk. 72% of car accidents occur on built up roads, so driving in a city or urban environment is riskier than driving on country lanes for example. If you […]

Car Accident Compensation for Cyclists

 As a nation, we are being encouraged to take more exercise, join a gym, go swimming, walk more, take the stairs and get on our bikes. Many of us take regular exercise and one of the easiest ways to do that is to make it part of our daily routine, cycling to and from work […]

The Most Common Type of Car Accidents

Unfortunately, the number of car accidents occurring in the UK is on the rise, and so it is highly likely that every person reading this post will be involved in some kind of car accident within their lifetime. With around 245,000 miles of road within the UK and approximately 35 million vehicles, it isn’t surprising […]

National Road Victims Month – August 2015

Each August in the UK we mark National Road Victims Month. It is a time where we remember those who have been killed or injured on our roads. Road safety charity, RoadPeace organise some remembrance events each August, as well as working to raise road safety awareness.

August is an especially poignant month in terms of […]