As personal injury lawyers in Cheshire, we know first-hand that cars should be seen as powerful weapons because when car accidents happen the results can be devastating. The Oxford English Dictionary defines an accident as, ‘an event that happens by chance, or that is without apparent or deliberate cause,’ which indicates that it is usually beyond our control. We hope that by sharing some startling car accident statistics in this post, we will remind you how vigilant you must be when driving and help you to stay safe on the roads:

Traffic accident

  • Last year in the UK there were around 182,000 people injured or killed in car accidents.


  • There are 2,000 fatal car crashes in the UK per year.


  • 700 people per year in the UK, suffer spinal cord injuries caused by being in a road traffic accident – more than violence, sports injuries and medical complications combined.


  • Despite the fact that cars make up 80% of all traffic driven in the UK, last year road deaths were split as follows: 45% car occupants, 25% pedestrians, 19% motorcyclists and 6% pedal cyclists. This is a 4% rise in the number of pedal cyclists killed in road accidents over the past 12 months and corresponds to the rise of cycle accident compensation claims we have seen.


  • Motorways in the UK carry 21% of traffic, but only account for 4.7% of fatalities and 5.2% of injuries. The majority of car accident fatalities occur on non-built up roads, with the majority of injuries due to car accidents occurring on built-up roads.


  • The UK’s highest-risk road is the A18 between Laceby and Ludborough.


  • A recent study by the RAC revealed that up to 6,000 lives could be saved on Britain’s roads over the next ten years if main roads with safety flaws, such as missing safety fencing and unsafe junction layouts, were brought up to the safety levels that should reasonably be expected.


  • The most common contributory factor for the cause of car accidents in the UK last year was ‘a failure to look properly’ – accounting for 44% of all reported accidents. For those accidents that ended in fatalities, the most common reason given for the accident was ‘loss of control.’


  • In 2014, between 210 and 270 people in the UK were killed in accidents where at least one driver was over the drink drive limit.


  • In 2015 in the UK, 0.9% of drivers admitted to driving when they thought that they might be under the influence of illegal drugs.


  • Last year 1.6% of all drivers in England and Scotland were observed using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving – despite it being against the law.


  • Up to 1 in 3 road crashes in the UK, last year involved a vehicle being driven for work. Every week, around 200 deaths and serious injuries involve someone at work which means that for the majority of people, the most dangerous thing they do while at work is to drive on a public road.

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