Accidents at Work

We Specialise in Accident at Work Compensation

Go-Law Solicitors are experts in work accident claims. Based just outside of Manchester, we have a successful track record of ensuring our clients receive the maximum compensation for their accident injury claims and are fully supported throughout the process.


Whether your workplace is an industrial site, office, restaurant or shop, your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that all of its employees are able to work in a safe environment at all times. This includes being safe from the actions of other employees.


In many instances, suffering an accident at work is due to the failure of an employer to abide by Acts of Parliament or Regulations that govern health and safety conditions for employees. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you may have good grounds to seek compensation for damages to compensate you for your injuries and also your other losses such as loss of earnings.


It is illegal to be dismissed for bringing an accident compensation claim against your employer. But choosing Go-Law to handle your case will ensure that the process is as smooth and as reassuring as possible, and that you receive maximum compensation for your claim.

If you are considering making a personal injury claim following an accident at work, contact us for free initial advice and with our No Win, No Fee agreement, there is no financial risk to you if you are unsuccessful.

We have successfully achieved compensation for our clients for the following common accidents:

  • Falls/Slips/Trips at your place of work
  • Fall from ladders, scaffolding or as a result from working at heights
  • Lifting, handling or carrying heavy items
  • Spillage of hot liquids
  • Faulty/defective equipment
  • Failure to guard moving machinery
  • Hit or struck by a moving/falling object

Accident at Work Compensation Claims

How much compensation will I receive?

This depends on the type of injuries that you have suffered. The standard amounts that can be claimed for specific injuries are set by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB). By way of example, a whiplash injury where the symptoms persisted for a few weeks could be worth £1,000. More serious injuries such as neck injuries could be worth £. We will be able to ascertain where you fit within the JSB scale.

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