National Road Victims Month

National Road Victims Month

Each August in the UK we mark National Road Victims Month. It is a time where we remember those who have been killed or injured on our roads. Road safety charity, RoadPeace organise some remembrance events each August, as well as working to raise road safety awareness.

August is an especially poignant month in terms of road safety; on 17 August 1896 Bridget Driscoll was the first person killed in the UK by a car. Later on 31 August 1869 Mary Ward a scientist was killed in Ireland when she fell under the wheels of an experimental steam car and of course, Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a car crash on 31 August 1997, in Paris.

Additionally during the month of August there is an increased risk of children being injured or killed while on their school holidays, and sadly there is increased risk of those travelling on holiday being involved in a devastating car crash.

Being involved in a car accident can be a serious life changing event. Thankfully due to improvements in the design of cars, better lighting, cycle lanes and higher testing standards, there are fewer people dying on the UK roads than ever before. Indeed in 2013 1,713 people lost their lives in road traffic accidents in the UK, the lowest number of fatalities since national records began in 1926 and a drop of 2.3% on the previous year (1,757 in 2012). Of these, 398 were pedestrians, 109 were pedal cyclists, 331 were motorcyclists, and 785 were car drivers or occupants, while 90 were other road users.

In 2013, 21,657 people were seriously injured in road accidents, a decrease of 6 percent, compared to 2012. Additionally the total number of casualties in road accidents reported to the police in 2013 was 183,670. The number of seriously injured casualties has decreased steadily since 2000, with 2010-2011 being the only year on year increase. This is great news in terms of national road safety, although if you are one of the 183,670 injured in a road accident in 2013 those figures are still cold comfort.

What can you do if you’ve been injured in a road accident? Most people make the assumption that you can only claim car accident compensation if you are the driver of one of the vehicles involved in an accident. However if you have suffered an injury as a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist, then you should seek the help of legal professionals who will be able to assess if you have grounds to make a claim for compensation. Whether your injury has left you with temporary or permanent damage or indeed loss of earnings as a result of the accident, you should consult a legal professional who will be able to advise you further.

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