What Are the Bad Driving Habits That May Lead to A Car Accident Injury Claim?

What Are the Bad Driving Habits That May Lead to A Car Accident Injury Claim?

Every day, thousands of people are injured or killed in road traffic accidents, the majority of which are caused by human error. Research has shown that over 80% of all crashes that end in fatalities or injuries on UK roads are caused by driver error such as speeding, and drink-driving. Many accidents occur due to a combination of things, which added together can be quite dangerous. So what things do other drivers on the road do that can be irritating and dangerous, and can lead to a car accident?


This is one of the most irritating offences on the UK roads, and can be seen quite often. Tailgating is when the car behind is travelling too close to the car in front. Tailgating can happen unintentionally, for example, when a person is following traffic and not thinking so they get a little too close. Fortunately ,these people usually realise their error and back away,. However, when tailgating is done deliberately, it is really dangerous. We have all seen those drivers who sit behind other cars, flashing their headlights, to get them to move out of the way. If the person in front has nowhere to go, it can be quite intimidating for them, and the complete lack of space between the cards means that if the car in front has to brake suddenly, there is no place for the car behind them to go except into the back of them.


Another bad road habit is undertaking. What you sometimes see is that if the tailgater doesn’t get their way, and the car in front refuses to budge, then the tailgater will lose patience and undertake the car in front. This can cause them to move suddenly in front of a car in another lane, which could cause an accident. Ifthey are undertaking a lorry, then the lorry may not be able to see them and could move into the lane too late and cause a collision

Poor Indication

Nowadays, many people seem to be unaware that cars have been built with indicators for a reason! Many drivers suddenly make manoeuvres without indicating that they are going to do so. This means that if there is insufficient space between cars, and people are unaware of their intentions – accidents may happen.

Other bad habits

There are many other bad habits that can end in road traffic accidents, and therefore car accident injury claims too, such as:

  • Cutting corners at junctions and roundabouts
  • Poor use of headlights
  • Speeding
  • Inappropriate use of the horn

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